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Pink Tower and Brown Stair
Banana Slicing
Multiplication Bead Board
Planter and Painting


The First Wildflower School
Nurturing Human Potential


We are a classroom of Montessori learners and educators in Cambridge, traditional land of Pawtucket and Massachusett peoples past and present. Wildflower Montessori is a learning environment for children ages 2.9 through the Kindergarten year. Our teachers hold both AMI and AMS Montessori trainings, and hold a collective of over four decades of experience in early childhood settings. Wildflower Montessori School, the first Wildflower School, is currently celebrating our 10th year!


We believe children to be intrinsically good, intrinsically peaceful and intrinsically motivated to learn. We value connectedness among all people, all of nature, and all facets of ourselves as the pathway to peace and liberation. We strive to create a space where all feel welcome, and continue to partner with the Office of Early Childhood allowing us to make Montessori education at Wildflower financially accessible to all

who seek it.


At Wildflower, we are committed to the liberation of every human being, every community, and the human spirit, and strive for a sense of belonging for all families, children, and teachers. The teachers at Wildflower uphold the ideals of Montessori education. Children who complete their Kindergarten year at Wildflower come away with practical life skills, confidence and competence academically, and most importantly, socially and emotionally. 


"An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking: it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to times in which they live. 

Dr. Maria Montessori, Education and Peace

come visit our school

The best way to get a feel for our school is to come SEE it in action! Contact us to come by for an observation. 

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